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Performance Materials (Functional Materials)

Performance Materials (Functional Materials)

Our functional material products satisfy customer needs in the field of electronic substrate materials, inks, paints, displays and multipurpose copy machine.

Based on the requests and valuable input from our customers asking for the addition of polymer functionality, fine-tuning to target characteristics, differentiation, etc., we set a clear target and take full advantage of our R&D strengths in order to provide higher functional products.

Environmentally sound, and weatherability acrylic vehicle
THERMOLAC? acrylic polymer is used as a binder for inks and paints for plastic products and packing materials. Various product types are available to meet requirements for weather resistance, contamination resistance, chemical resistance and quick drying. Environmentally sound solution compositions are also available. THERMOLAC
Our electronic material binder is all about high functionality of acrylic polymer
In addition to optical characteristics as a binder for color filter resist, optical coating, green sheet, conductive paste and other electronic materials, PHORET® also features excellent heat resistance and firing properties.
We are designing and developing higher functional polymer products to leading-edge materials. PHORETR
Non-solvent, functional liquid acrylic polymer
Due to its environmentally sound characteristics as a non-solvent liquid polymer and excellent normal-temperature fluidity, ACTFLOW® is used as a plasticizer replacement, modifying agent and additive agent. ACTFLOWR
Organic Conductive Polymer
VERAZOL™ is an organic conductive polymer with the PEDOT (polyethylene dioxythiophene) as the skeleton. Based on Soken Chemical's unique molecular design technology and material composite technology, it has high conductivity and can be expected to be applied to various applications such as conductive primer for plastic parts painting industry, antistatic coating chemical for electronic packaging industry, electrode materials etc. VERAZOL™

History and future of functional materials

Since we started producing and marketing THERMOLAC? in the 1960s, we have been working to develop high-function polymers that take advantage of the transparency of acrylic polymers and flexible designability of polymers. Our expertise in polymerization technology and polymer design that was accumulated over more than 50 years has earned us immense trust and respect in a wide area of applications including electronic materials, paint and ink. To further open up the possibilities of functional resin, we are developing products for capacitors.

Our products have built a solid reputation thanks to our continued efforts to create new products and provide functionality from the customers' perspective. This motivates us to create new products and expand our markets, applications and fields.


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